From our Glory Days:
"Thank you Maya Angelou"
© Janus Adams 2014

Some time soon I'll write a reflection of my dear Mother/Sister-Friend who was, at five distinct junctures in my life, that rainbow in the clouds. I love her deeply and miss her dearly.  For now, here's where she makes her first mark on the printed page and a thought she leaves behind:

February 2, 1970.  On this day Maya Angelous burst on the literary scene with a publication of her memoir of childhood...  
© Janus Adams 2014

Two anniversaries this month, taken together, signal the teeter-totter ride of a nation straddling the bar of our passion for justice and penchant for everything but.

Saturday, May 17th marks the sixtieth year of Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark Supreme Court decision - successfully argued by the NAACP Legal Defense Fund -- that ended legalalized segregation and, ironically, escalated the... 

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